Growing Together: Community #SpringClean Event

Spring has arrived in full bloom, and with it came a burst of community spirit during our this weekends Community #SpringClean event, as part of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Spring Clean campaign, in partnership with Auchterarder Core Paths Group, ACSR Green Spaces Working Group and the Allotment Association.

Allotment Association: Cultivating Community Pride

The weekend kicked off with a flurry of activity at the local allotment, where plot holders from the Allotment Association gathered to tidy up their plots. From weeding to preparing the soil for new seeds, painting the shed, sorting out the compost heaps and the hedging, lots to be done, there was a shared sense of achievement as the area was prepared for a great season of growing.

The allotment has long been a hub of community activity, where people come together to share gardening tips, stories, and share the produce with the community too. Info about the association and the horticultural association can be found on the site shed above the bench where excess produce is shared too. Look out for the allotment association plant sale next month, open day later this Summer and the Horticultural Show on the 31st of August.

Community Spring Clean

Sunday brought with it a record turnout for our Path Tidy event, drawing volunteers young and old from across the town. Armed with gloves, litter pickers, and an infectious enthusiasm, we set out to make a difference in our community.

One of the picking spots was the local school, where several families joined forces to clean up the grounds. The young people were in equal measure amazed and puzzled by the amount, and variation of, litter dropped in the Astroturf area and the woods around the school, learning valuable lessons about caring for our environment along the way.

Nurturing Nature: Planting Wildflower Seeds

As other teams made their way along the core paths network, the tasks extended beyond just picking up litter. We took the opportunity to plant wildflower seeds, adding future splashes of colour and vital habitats for pollinators. Streaming the verges happened thanks to a separate team too, a nice variation of impact made.

Join Us in Cultivating Community and Nature

This weekend was more than just picking up litter and tending to growing areas; it was about meeting new people, nurturing nature, and taking care of the green space around us. The success of our Community #SpringClean event is a reminder that when we work together, incredible things happen. Whether it’s tending to allotment plots, picking up litter, or planting wildflowers, each action contributes to a brighter, cleaner future.

As we look ahead to the growing season and beyond, let’s carry the spirit of this weekend with us. Let’s continue to nurture our community bonds, care for our environment, and sow the seeds of positive change.

Feeling inspired?

The Core Paths team meet twice monthly – on the first Wednesday and third Sunday of the month – whenever you’re able to join in, you’ll be made to feel very welcome and will leave feeling a rewarding sense of being involved in something that makes a lovely difference.

The Horticultural Society have a summer competition encouraging growing in the Town Centre – if you live on the High Street / Townhead / Feus, pop into the library and pick up a brochure to learn about the window growing competition this summer.

The Green Spaces Group meet Monthly and there are a great amount of projects underway – Dunlop Park, Kincardine Fields, creating a pollinator corridor throughout town in partnership with Bloom. If you love the green spaces around us and want to be a part of developing / supporting them, come along to the meetings and find out how you can be involved.

Auchterarder in Bloom do a magnificent job of ensuring our High street is colourful, welcoming and cheery! They’re bringing on a large amount of young plants at the moment, with a team of volunteers sharing the roles involved. Everything from potting on, watering, planting out. Would you like to be involved or be a part of the distribution list to find out when the next tasks are happening? drop us a note and we’ll put you in touch with Patsy who keeps things organised. The group only meet when there is planting to happen so if you’re green fingered and have a little time free occasionally, they’re a great group to be connected with.