The vision for Auchterarder and Aberuthven

“Community Action Plans are now increasingly recognised as an important resource for communities to have if they want to be successful in securing and directing funding for their priorities, and in making effective representation on their own behalf”

Our Community Action Plan (CAP) sets out the priorities for Auchterarder & Aberuthven over the next 5 years as determined by the community through a process of extensive community engagement carried out over 4 months from November 2021 to February 2022. Its been said that its one of the most important things to happen to our community in the last 50 years. 


The Community Action Plan contains

  • A summary of our Community Profile
  • Our main likes and dislikes as identified in our Community Views Survey
  • Our Vision for the future of the area
  • The main Themes and Priorities for action
  • Information on how to stay in touch and get involved.

The Community Action Plan is for the whole community and is jointly owned by all the organisations and individuals that took part in its preparation.  We will all be working together to ensure its implementation over the next 5 years

Our 6 Themes:


Between November 2021 and March 2022, residents of Auchterarder and Aberuthven contributed to a comprehensive consultation.

Information was gathered from

751 Community Views Surveys,

48 community group/organisation interviews,

Two well attended community views open days

Everything was summarised in our Community Action Plan (CAP), a document which summarises the needs, aspirations, and priorities of Auchterarder and Aberuthven. 

Contributing reports:

Stakeholder Interview Report

Community Profile

Community Survey Report



Upcoming CAP Meetings

One of the key aims of the Community Action Planning process is to bring people together. The consultation was only the start of involving the community - to bring our vision to life, we need everyone to be involved in the part of the plan that means something to them!  The meetings below are open community meetings where CAP priorities will be discussed and actioned. Everyone is welcome to attend, anytime. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

Feel welcome to drop in anytime and if you've any questions in advance, contact us at

Upcoming Community Meetings - April Dates

Wednesday 6th April:

ACSR Core Paths Tidy – 10am – Pavilion at Public Park.

Tuesday 16th April:

ACSR Green Spaces Working Group Meeting. 7.30pm. Pavilion at Public Park.

Sunday 20th April:

ACSR Core Paths Tidy – 10am – Pavilion at Public Park.

Thursday 25th April

Community Council 7pm Aytoun Hall

Tuesday 30th April

Climate Cafe Meeting - Come and join in the conversation about sustainability goals in the CAP and wider environment. 7pm TCSoA Library.


Join us in making a positive impact in our community by attending meetings and contributing to our Community Action Plan. By working together, we can make a big impact to goals of our community. Your participation is valuable and warmly welcomed. Come get involved!


Volunteer Portal

There are a variety of roles available within the community - and they vary throughout the year! In winter, we love to hear from people who'd like to be involved in the Cosy Spaces Project, and we may even be looking out for future pilots too! Click HERE to be taken to the volunteer hub 

Get Involved

Making this happen relies on our community working together so thanks for getting in touch! Let us know if you’ve an interest in a particular theme / group or whether you’d simply like more information. There’s something enjoyable for everyone. We’ll get back to you promptly, thanks!

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