Sport and Recreation Land – an update

We were delighted to receive this note from PKC confirming that the land set aside for Sport and Recreation facilities is safeguarded for this use. We’ve highlighted the need for broad community consultation around what Sport and Recreation facilities are needed.

Briefly, the original obligation for the three developers (Muir Homes, Robertson Homes, and the successor to Stewart Milne Homes) still stands and has not been varied. This covers the land safeguarded exclusively for sports facilities next to the Community School of Auchterarder and the larger area of sports facilities land at Castlemains North. 

Robertson Homes – Townhead

Robertson Homes has finished building houses at Townhead and its obligation to provide its share of the sports facilities still stands. The recent planning appeal decision confirms this, and Robertson Homes will shortly recommence work with the Council to meet its share of the sports facilities obligation. The Council is progressing this work as a priority and in conjunction with the requirements of Muir Homes and Stewart Milne.

Muir Homes and Stewart Milne Homes – Castlemains and Kirkton

Muir Homes is already working towards meeting its share of its outstanding planning obligations. For many of these, including the sports facilities, the obligation is a joint one with whoever is the successor to Stewart Milne Homes, because we understand both housebuilders need to act together. We are currently exploring whether Muir Homes can make progress with the sports facilities while the administrators of Stewart Milne find a successor. We expect to find out soon how long this might take.

You and I and others have previously talked about having a conversation with community bodies to discuss what sports facilities are needed. Briefly, no variation to the original obligation (including the safeguarded areas of land) would be made without having this conversation with community representatives. There may be a variation required to the planning agreement, if so, community bodies and representatives would be consulted first.

I trust that this clarifies that the safeguarded land remains safeguarded for sports facilities if and until the agreement is varied. And if that happens, it won’t happen before the discussions with community representatives takes place. And that we can commit to engaging with community bodies and representatives before any changes are made.

I will keep you updated with progress Ang, and I would be happy to keep others in the community updated too. I will be getting in touch with the Community Council shortly and have recently sent a copy of this update to Anna Watt in her role with the Sports Hub group.  In the meantime, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of this in more detail.

Kind regards

Alasdair Finlayson

Planning Officer – Economy, Development & Planning

Perth & Kinross Council I Comhairle Pheairt is Cheann Rois