Friday Focus: Auchterarder Picture House News

Peter Laisen is the man with the vision for the redevelopment of the Auchterarder Picture House - the 1920's gem that will provide a much needed cultural boost to the town - Its going to be a wonderful addition to the town. He regularly produces an update of whats happening, sharing information about events too.

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I'll leave the rest in Peters words!


"Hello everyone,


A couple of weeks quickly turn into a couple of months. However, we are getting very close now to submitting the amended planning application. Many people have worked over the last two months to make the project even better, and we hope to submit this month. I’ll let you all know when it happens. The encouragement we continue to have from you all has helps when we face delays and setbacks, it really does make this creative journey worthwhile.


In the meantime though, we are also making great progress on other fronts.



As with previous AP CREW screenings, it’s free and tickets can be booked on Eventbrite. (just click the link in the pdf or scan the QR code)


I’m also really excited to announce a Spring Art Exhibition in the Aytoun Hall on Saturday 27th May from 11am to 4pm. We have 10 fantastic local artists exhibiting a great variety of pictorial work. There is something for everyone. As with most of the AP CREW events it’s free and we are offering complementary Tea, Coffee & Biscuits. Please support this fabulous event, hopefully this will be the first of many to come.


Other future dates for your calendar are:


  • Muthill Cinema Weekend - 17th & 18th June
  • Auchterarder Cinema Weekend 22nd & 23th July
  • Auchterarder Cinema Weekend 19nd & 20th August
  • Auchterarder Cinema Weekend 21st & 22nd October
  • Auchterarder Cinema Weekend 16th & 17th December


Also, you may have seen on social media recently, Dave Anderson is leading an AP CREW initiative to document the history the Auchterarder Picturehouse (or the Regal as some may remember it), through interviews. This Oral History project will be one of the key elements in the showcasing of the Heritage of the Auchterarder Picturehouse, Film,  Cinema and Auchterarder in general. Please get in touch if you can contribute, or if you know of anyone who might be interested. We would love to hear from anyone and ensure future generations can get a glimpse of what happened over the last 100 years.


Finally, please I would like to ask for your help in spreading the word about our wonderful project and some of the amazing activities which the AP CREW are beginning to provide. Please share this newsletter with any friends, colleagues and family, who you think have an interest in following the progress or maybe wanting to attend an event. Word of mouth is so important.


Thank you so much for your continued support! I hope to see many of you over the next couple of weeks.


All the best,



Cinema Weekend link



The Auchterarder Picturehouse CREW (AP CREW) is a new dynamic volunteering organisation with an aim to improve peoples lives through creative and performing arts. The AP CREW aim to help anyone express their individuality and their creative talents through coaching, mentoring and by facilitating associated activities. The AP CREW aim to showcase the creative outputs from its members through Events, Exhibitions, Festivals and Variety Shows