Parking Survey

‘The CAP Traffic and Public Transport Working Group (T&PTWG) are planning to carry out a parking survey in Auchterarder during September 2023. The aim of this exercise is to gather information that will be used to assess options for improving the current parking situation. 

The survey will cover a period of 7am to 7pm over two days Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd of September. During these times, information on parked vehicles will be recorded every 30 minutes by surveyors walking a pre-determined route, with surveyors working in 3-hour shifts.

T&PTWG are looking for volunteers to help with this surveying process, so if you think you can spare some time to help, then please get in touch through the group email – . T&PTWG would also be happy to answer any questions you may have on the parking survey.’