Kincardine Park Update

The Community Action Plan Mgt Group have submitted a “Community Asset Transfer” request for the land at Kincardine Park.

What does this mean? Community Asset Transfer (CAT) allows community groups to request ownership, leasing or access rights for Council owned property as well property owned by other public bodies.The Community made their voice clear, both in the CAP consultation and at the consultation relating to the lifetime neighbourhood masterplan that this wasn’t the place for more housing. The Community are passionate about retaining this as green space.

CAT process isn’t simple or quick but we’ve had discussions with PKC about it and they’ve been really supportive. We’ll need community involvement with the various stages involved in the next 12-18 months of CAT transfer and then in the time that follows, as the land hopefully transfers into community control. Thank you for having your say – Community Action works!

If you’d like to learn more about whats involved in CAT, the video below explains the process – it talks about buildings rather than land but the principles are the same

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