Cosy Spaces

The aim of the Community Action plan is to bring our community together and we’re thrilled that the first CAP led joint community funding application has been successful!

Members of several community groups came together to discuss what could be done to support people facing challenges this winter. We worked together to create a “Cosy Spaces” programme, ensuring people had somewhere to go every day, and submitted a funding application. PKC responded quickly and our programme will commence Monday 14th, running until the end of March 2023.

So what are Cosy Spaces?

Cosy Spaces are places you can drop into and know you’ll get a warm welcome and some free light refreshments.

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a cuppa and a chat, perhaps a jigsaw, cards or dominoes or just sit and read the paper in peace. Each venue will hold a stock of free “warm packs” containing items to help keep cosy at home too.

The spaces are open to all, not just people struggling with heating costs and we’re hoping it provides the opportunity for people to enjoy being together.

We’ll respond to whats required so look out for additions to the programme – new spaces, times and activities. Further information will be noted on the Community Action Plan website, on the poster boards outside and Aytoun Hall, in the Library and on the digital boards outside the Cinema and Co-op.

Many thanks to the fantastic groups of volunteers who provide the friendly faces and warm welcome in the spaces and to PKC for providing funds to enable the programme.

If you have a friend or neighbour who might benefit from knowing about this, please share the information and remember that the community bus offers a way to travel to all the venues.

Hopefully see you soon!