Cosy Spaces – news so far

Cosy Spaces project is going very well with new faces attending existing sessions and a group of regulars attending the Aytoun Hall meets! Remember that all of the sessions are free to attend – theres no cost for anything.

Our Cosy Spaces have been up and running for two weeks and they’re already proving to be a great success. I popped along to the Friday Aytoun Hall soup and a natter and had a really great time meeting new faces and hearing some great stories! The ladies have had bingo and dominoes as well as providing a delicious bowl of soup plus tea and biscuits. Its a really relaxed, welcoming space and I’d highly recommend popping along. Wednesday and Friday 12.30-2.30 every week until end of March 2023.

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Mens Shed had a huge turn out – they’re well recognised as a Cosy Mens Space – they’ve been making all sorts of things for the Christmas Fair, the Panto (on this week – Friday and Saturday – Parish Church, get your (free) tickets quick!

We’ve had a few new faces popping in to say hello at our Logos sessions on Mondays – Andrew was pleased to be able to assist a gentleman with a technology query about his iPad whilst he enjoyed a cuppa and told us about his songwriting tales.

The Parish Church also have two morning sessions (Tues / Thurs 10am-1pm) plus the usual Archway mondays (light lunch available 1pm-3pm) – lots of cosy time available. The Tuesday cosy space in the first week was very well received for a young family whose heating wasn’t working on that super wet cold morning!

Bowling Club have regular sessions from 2pm-4pm on a Wednesday plus 6pm onwards on a Friday – there’s carpet bowls, darts and games available there and the team are looking to hear from the community as to what they’d like to see – they’re keen to open their doors to provide space for people – would you like to see a knitting club? Cards club? Let them know.

Library are enjoying seeing people enjoy a quiet moment reading their paper or picking up a new book – the ladies are always on hand to make a good recommendation of what to read or provide support with accessing the PC’s – they have their book club on Saturday morning too. Cafe Books.

Aberuthven have their Pensioners lunch on the 21st of December – funded by Cosy Spaces funding so this is another event where theres absolutely no cost to attend.

The Warm packs have been well received – we heard of a lady who was soaked through after walking home in the rain – she was able to get on her warm pack bodywarmer and blanket and soon felt warm and cosy – the packs are there for this, please don’t be cold at home when they’re there to help.

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We’ve heard of a new cosy space at the Guide hut too – in the lane behind the opticians. The friendly team from St Kessogs are offering a bowl of soup every Thursday in December – 12.00-2.30. They’re looking for small donations to cover costs.

Do you know someone who might like to attend one of the Cosy Spaces? Or would perhaps benefit from receiving one of the Cosy Packs? Share the details of our sessions, there are packs available in the Parish Church, The Aytoun Hall, Library, Town Bus and the Outpatients at St Margarets.