Heritage Art & Culture

Promoting and celebrating the area’s rich history and heritage was raised as being increasingly important, as the towns are growing. We want to move forward, but do not want to lose sight of our
heritage and roots.

The Auchterarder and District Heritage Association do great work in researching, interpreting and presenting this history. This will continue to be supported and linked with other themes in particular a healthy and connected community, through the development of heritage trails.

The recent acquisition, and proposed
redevelopment, of the old picture house as a community arts venue has been met with great enthusiasm and encouragement from the community. Developing new arts and cultural activities is also crucial, to provide a wider offering for entertainment and learning for all ages.



Share, develop and promote our heritage and history

  • Create digitally supported heritage trails – one within Auchterarder and another longer trail including Aberuthven
  • Develop and promote heritage walks and talks
  • Share information about the Friends of Aytoun Hall (FOAH) tapestry and promote access to the Aytoun Hall for viewing the heritage boards

Support the community arts venue

  • Support renovation and reopening of Auchterarder Picture House
  • Explore the potential of using the Picture House as a ‘heritage hub’

Encourage more arts and cultural activities

  • Promote the work of the Auchterarder Creative Arts Academy
  • Support and Promote the Auchterarder Adult Education Association and other local art, culture, photography and craft activities
  • Support music within the community e.g. school music events, school musicians visiting care homes, Auchterarder & District Rotary Club Young Musicians


Progress and Plans

CAP Theme Logo Ideas-4

Priority 1: Extend and connect network of walking and cycling routes

CAP Theme Logo Ideas-2

Priority 3: Develop Sustainable Community Initiatives

CAP Theme Logo Ideas-5

Priority 4: Promote Active Travel

Culture 1

Auchterarder Adult Education Association, Auchterarder Picture House Crew, APC, Auchterarder & District Rotary Club and TCSoA Music Department, Auchterarder and District Local History Association, ACSR Core Paths Working Group, FOAH and Strathearn Heritage Trust, Auchterarder Picture House

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

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