Whats involved? The group are presently focused on the Green Spaces priorities list listed in the Community Action Plan. There is lots of support for these projects - both within the community and externally so working together, we can see these things happen! Specific actions might include:

  • Contributing to discussions about our green spaces.
  • Sharing ideas for areas that you'd like to see developed.
  • Sharing knowledge - for example, planting tips, biodiversity knowledge.
  • Creating guides to helping others learn - for example creating a bee friendly planting guide
  • Getting your hands in the soil and planting.

Not all at once - unless you want to!

Time commitment: Monthly meeting to plan and discuss ongoing projects. Approx 1.5-2h

Who else attends? Essentially, anyone who is excited about making the most of the outdoor space around us. Various ages and stages in life. PKC's park ranger attends, some people have an allotment, some have a few pots in their window, some are retired, some work full time, some come to all meetings, some dip in and out dependant on project and other time commitments. There isn't a typical person really and the dynamic works really well!

Commitment: You're welcome to join in for occasional discussions. For a specific project or to have sight and be part of taking a suite of amazing projects forward long term.

Meetings: You're welcome to come along to any meeting, no need to let anyone know that you're planning to attend but if you get in touch with tim@acsr.org.uk, he can include you in the mailing list for information

Further information:

Current Projects:

Exploring the enhancement of Dunlop Park - How can this space be more welcoming, for all members of the community, and become an asset to the community?

Sandy Gunn Memorial: A partnership project with Rotary that will see the land beside the Police Station developed into a fitting memorial to local hero Sandy Gunn, with native planting enhancing the area.

Pocket Gardens Pollinator pathways

Do you love our green spaces? Would you like to be a part of a group of likeminded people, keen to make the most of our beautiful community and its environment? Come along to the meeting to hear about plans for developing Dunlop Park into a welcoming space to sit and enjoy the town, Kincardine Road plans, pocket gardens providing colour and vibrancy and also creating valuable pollinator pathways, supporting biodiversity.

This group is an arm of the long running and very effective ACSR (Auchterarder Community Sport and Recreation group) so members have the opportunity to enjoy taking the projects forward, knowing that fundraising and governance are taken care of! The projects that the group are working on were those identified in our Community Action Plan – PKC are keen to work in partnership with our community to take these plans forward too. We’re pleased to welcome Park Ranger Athol as a regular attendee of the meetings. Track record of the group is strong - one example is our exciting new community play park!

Some people come with a particular area of interest and others come along with a broad enthusiasm for everything - keeping our community green and accessible for all to enjoy. Everyone is welcome - there will be specific short term projects and longer term community action plan goals.  Come along to one of the meetings and find out how you can be involved!

7.30pm at the Pavilion in the Public Park

ACSR Green Spaces Meeting Dates 2023-2024