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Auchterarder Adult Education Association

Auchterarder Adult Education Association


The Auchterarder Adult Education Association run a great selection of courses throughout the year starting at various points and running for blocks.

Their website refers to current offerings - paper copies of their current brochure can also be found in the library.



Details of some example courses:


Taichi - with Iain Naylor

Our Taichi teacher, Iain Naylor, has studied taichi since 1980 and has been a registered teacher since 1995. From 2005 until 2011 he regularly trained in China and now trains in the UK with International renowned teachers, Masters Chen Lisheng and Master Gordon Faulkner. Now entering his 25th year of teaching in this course Iain offers an introduction to taichi and qi gong that develops term by term into a deeper understanding of everything that it entails.

The class is in two parts; qi gong – a general full body routine designed specifically for its health benefits and taichi – the simplified Wudang 9 powers form.

Art - with Douglas Matthews

Douglas is a professional artist.  He runs two art classes for us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.   These are informal classes where members work on their own projects.  Douglas provides guidance to all alongside the occasional demonstration.  The Thursday afternoon class also includes Sculpture in Clay for those who wish to learn more about this medium.  Douglas will show you how to use air dry clay and armatures to create small sculptures depicting human figures, facial sculpture and both animal and bird studies.  The clay is supplied at an additional cost.

Scottish Country Dancing - with Jane Rattray

Jane runs a very friendly, informal class where the emphasis is on fun.  This is an excellent way of getting some exercise for both the body and the brain as you try to memorise the dance sequences called by Jane.  Beginners are very welcome and will find that they quickly pick up the moves.  You do not need to wear special dance shoes, light pumps or trainers you can dance in are fine.

“This class proves you can have fun while you learn and gives you lots of exercise into the bargain. You don’t have to be expert to join this class and you smile while you learn. “

Fishing Skills and Fly Tying - with Sandy McIntosh

Try lessons in fly tying whilst improving your fishing by listening to our local expert with advice on such things as casting lures or finding a good location.  Two hours with Sandy improving your skills in a convivial atmosphere

Community Choir – with Sandra Miller

Singing is scientifically proven to be good for health and wellbeing, so come along and do yourself some good.  The class starts with warm up exercises for both body and vocal cords before going on to practice harmony, rounds and sometimes syncopation.  Lots of fun, no experience necessary and you do not even need to be able to read music.

One Pot Cooking – with Jackie Mahoney

Food Waste is a major contributor to climate change.  By reducing the amount of avoidable food waste that we have (such as plate scrapings, opened but unused ingredients and food nearing its best before date) and by recycling or composting unavoidable food waste (such as tea bags, vegetable peelings and fruit cores), we can work together to reduce climate change.  These three consecutive Workshops in September, part of the #FoodWasteEqualsClimateChange Campaign, focus on one-pot cooking: how to make the most of our ingredients to make simple but delicious healthy meals, with minimum washing up.  Anyone is welcome to attend – people who live alone, cook only for themselves but would like to discover new recipes to make the most of their ingredients, or a busy parent who wants to learn some new recipes and cooking skills for feeding their family on a budget.

Each Workshop will start with us eating together around the table and discussing informally our food waste, storage ideas, recipes and shopping habits for cooking on a budget and food waste recycling.  After the lunch, each Workshop Attendee will then follow the guidance of Workshop-Leader Jackie (who is trained through the NHS Community Cook It Course) to re-create the meal themselves, learning cooking stills and food preparation skills and growing confidence in the kitchen.   The prepared ingredients will then be taken home by each Workshop Attendee, along with instructions for how to store, cook and potentially freeze the prepared ingredients, enabling the Workshop Attendee to cook or heat up the meal at home themselves for the following night’s dinner.

N.B. The recipes will be vegetarian but will include suggestions for meat or fish if the Workshop Attendee would like to add these to the recipe themselves in the future.

Festive Wreath - with Lesley Buchan Donald

You will learn how to prepare plant material for arranging, and how to make ribbon bows. You will work with moss and other foliage and flowers. Techniques will be demonstrated and I’ll be free to assist you if needed. At the end of the day you will have an eco friendly wreath ring for your door and a table decoration with a candle. You will not need to slavishly copy examples and will be supported and encouraged to be creative. You will only need to bring a few flowers, an empty wine bottle and a candle. Everything else, including refreshments, will be supplied. Detailed requirements sent out in advance. Beginners welcome.

Creative writing with The Madding Crowd

A peer led, creative writing group offering support and encouragement through practical writing assignments. Our weekly writing is peer-reviewed in a fun and friendly manner. We are a small supportive social group. For those who want to publish we aim to boost your confidence and help get you there. Poetry, short stories, novel writing, experienced writer or beginner, this is for you. Beginners are particularly welcome. The group will be guided by Tom Langlands - an experienced, award winning photojournalist with a passion for creative writing. Please bring paper and pen to meetings.

Garden for Life - with Anne Nicol

Anne will show you how to bring life back to your garden. No matter what size your growing space you can make room for nature. Over five sessions you will discover how to create a space which encourages wildlife to come and stay. You will learn about good soil health, companion planting, the balance of pests and predators, everything needed to create a healthy environment for you and your plants.